Top 3 cheap android auto head units

Do you want an auto head unit because your car is an older version so it doesn’t have one? Or do you have a previous one but you feel like replacing it with something better? Well, you do not have to worry anymore because now, there are a lot of available cheap android auto head units that you can try out to replace your old one. There is nothing to fear now and more to just have fun in because this is truly not a waste of money but a good spend all in all. Here are the top three ones that you can try out should you feel like doing so.

Kenwood Touchscreen

If you want a screen that you can operate with the touch of your hand, you might want to opt for the Kenwood one that has around seven inches of display and has some buttons around the bottom for quick navigation. It can support around two devices connected Cheap Android Auto Head Units at the same time and you can also charge your phone using this one so it truly is a double greatness for you. It also has such a thing like gaming console when you feel bored in a parking area.

Pioneer touch

Another touchscreen auto head is one from pioneer which is a good brand as well and a leader in the industry. It can support Bluetooth, it can support satellites and it can also be used to navigate you to wherever you want to be in. It can act as your own GPS and your messaging tool as well. Say hello to the future of the next generation of cars.

Sony XAV

Now, if you want to listen to great music while you are on the road, then this one is just the right thing for you considering everything else. With its high quality audio, this Sony audio head is bound to make you a happy driver.