Running gears for starters

Running is a fun activity but most of the time you need to go solo. Going solo may lead to a not-so-pleasant experience that you may end up quitting before you hit your goal. Quitting is the last thing you want to happen so you better find ways to keep yourself on track even you’re running alone. Learn more about running visit at this site


One of the ways in dealing the lonesome experience is to invest in gears that motivate you while running. Here are some of the best gears for starters:


Music is your companion as you run. You can’t talk to strangers while running because it can be dangerous. But talking with someone can be a reason for lack of breath. You may not finish your desired distance if your talk too much. Instead of talking while running, listen to music through your headphone. However, you must choose a headphone that is unsealed so you can hear your surroundings.

GPS watch and fitness tracker

To track the distance of your running activity, a GPS watch can help. It’s an accurate tool so you can easily assess your progress. A good GPS features a tracking tool for your steps and a cycling sensor. It’s a good tool if you’re training for a triathlon.

Apart from a GPS watch, a fitness tracker can help in tracking your progress. It can monitor the calories burned, distance traveled and the floors climbed.

Armband for smartphones

Smartphone is an important tool nowadays. If you love your phone so much that you can’t live without it, an armband for a smartphone can help you while you run. You can choose a one-strap-fits most armband but if you have the chance to find an armband with sizes, it’s a better option. You’ll be sure that the armband provides a secure fit on your phone.